Lorena and Jérémie collaborate since 2013. They explore themes related to the limits and intersections of the artistic practices. Manifestations in which Theatre and Performance, Reality and Fiction, Space and Territory, Perception and Abstraction emerge.
Their main focus is the experimentation, through movement, body, space and experiences from every day life.

Coming from different universes and cultures, their diverse experiences, skills as well as their world outlook are complimentary and establish an unique artistic path.
For both, the artist has an engaged purpose in life and society. Art can propose and encourage new ways of relating to the world.

With Studio LOKA they want to share experiences, invite everyone to take action and share new and different perspectives on the world.

Lorena Hernández studied architecture at the National University of Colombia. Her interest in movement, the body and space brought her to further her artistic research in France. She joined the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in the experimental scenography department the LEM ( Laboratory of Movement Study ), at the same time as she was achieving dance studies at Paris VIII University. A few years later, she completed her studies by earning a Master diploma in Fine Arts at Pantheon-Sorbonne University. Recently, she has collaborated with several architects and artists, including the artists Eva Jospin, Yuhsin U. Chang, the architecture Bellastock’s office, and has done several artist residencies across Latin America and Europe. She has also had the opportunity to participate in various festivals such as ArtCop21 Festival in Paris, the World Stage Design Festival in Cardiff and Taipei, Surfaces - ITS LIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival in Venice, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. Based in Paris, Lorena works now on different personal projets in France and abroad.

Jérémie Kalil, after studying modern litterature, went through training as an actor at Studio 34 and worked with several companies, notably the company Nagananda. He has participated in festivals such as Avignon Off, Festival de théâtre de rue de Chalons sur Saône, and has collaborated as well as stage director. Beginning in 2007, he has taught artistic workshops at the Institut d'Études politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po) as well as at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and done collaborations with Theâtre de la Ville. He earned the diploma Encadrement d’Ateliers de Pratiques Théâtrales (Instruction of Practical Theater Workshops) at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III University under the instruction of Eloi Recoing. Jérémie is now focused on new artistic questioning as well as an interdisciplinary development of his career.